safety first

for educators


Total Self Defense is committed to the success of our students to foster a safer community.  When the community is safer, everyone has a chance to learn more, be more and do more for each other.

Sense Betsy Rawlins

Safety first

workshop teaches educators 

Teachers become educators because they love kids and they want the best for kids.

By keeping yourself safe, you can keep more kids safe.

Teachers know that healthy and happy kids learn better and become productive adults.

Our school uses the ABC's of Self Defense to achieve our goals. 


1. Educators will build their own confidence to keep themselves safe 

2. Educators will be able to communicate effectively in stressful situations

3. Educators will be able to de-escalate dangerous situations

what is the cost

$25/participant that goes back to your school

100% of the $25 is donated back to your school for a program to enrich student education.

We believe that by encouraging our educators to train in martial arts they can achieve their goals of better educating our youth and in turn create a community that has more productive participants.

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best Defense for Kids

for classrooms

Our Kids learn to empower themselves with A,B,C,D:


  • A – Walk AWAY, Talk AWAY

  • B – Borders

  • C – Confidence

  • D – DEFEND


These few easy to remember steps are combined with humor and sensitivity for serious situations. 

Parents will know that their child is able to:

A – Avoiding dangerous situations without   altercation

B – Building confidence by using your voice to communicate efficiently

C – Controlling inner fear or anger while influencing the outcome

D – Defending themselves in a variety of situations