Community Services

Adaptive Program

Our Adaptive Martial Arts Program works with students that have challenges.  Whether it is mental or physical challenges our students succeed to the best of their ability.


Confidence for life (Middle & High school)

Our in school programs utilize martial arts to encourage the most from our students.  These students may be struggling in school due to low self-esteem or issues with confidence.

Self Defense for Youth (elementary school)

All youth deserve understand the basics of Self Defense.  This include having the chance to practice standing up for themselves against a bully.  As well as learning how to get away from an abductor.

teacher safety (for staff at school)

We want to give teachers the best opportunities for success.  like everyone, it takes confidence and feeling safe to be able to help others grow.  Our Teacher Safety Workshop encourages teachers to be aware, deescalate, and defend when necessary.

When you would like us to come to your school, please contact:
Sensei Betsy