Life Skills apprenticeship Program

Based on Martial Arts Values

2020 life skills Program sessions

Ages 10 and up

breakfast and lunch Included

Session 1  June 23rd to July 16th

Session 2  July 28th to August 20th

3 days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) for 4 weeks

Focusing on everyday skills and values for success 


Work ethics


Critical Thinking 

Problem Solving 

Emotional Intelligence



Martial Arts Training

Personal Budgeting 

Event Planning

Menu planning

   Meal preparation 

   Grocery Shopping with a budget


    Clean up

   Maintaining a vehicle 

   Changing oil

   Jumping a battery

  Changing a tire



    Customer Service 



7am to 8am - Pickup by TSD or Dropoff by Parent

8am to 12pm - Camp Goals.

12pm to 1pm - Parent Pickup or Drop Off by TSD

physical benefits

- Safe Activity

- Build Balance

- Develop Coordination

- Gain Flexibility

- Build Strength

mental benefits

- Become Adaptable

- Build Mental Resilience

- Develop Self-Control

- Improve Self-Discipline

- Encourage Self Growth