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modern arnis

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Keeping up with the long tradition of changing times and circumstances, Professor Remy Presas has taken hundreds of traditional forms of Arnis and other fighting arts indigenous to other cultures, such as karate, judo, kenpo, jujitsu, etc., and honed them into his system called "Modern Arnis."

In recent years, Presas brought modern Arnis to the U.S. and other countries. He was promoting modern arnis not only to harness the environment, but to share the newness of Arnis' long, perilous and primitive journey. A journey that has courageously cut its way through time with some of the best bladed weapons ever made, the Filipino fighting knives.


sensei Blue and Modern Arnis

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At Total Self Defense, we train with rattan sticks, this allows us to learn in a safe environment.  By thinking about the stick as a knife or bladed weapon, the moves learned while training in Modern Arnis can be translated to any weapon

Modern Arnis is full contact stick fighting.   

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