Wu Ying tao

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     The Founder of Wu Ying Tao is Grand Master Bruce Terrill, who is considered a Pioneer of Martial Arts in the Greater Northwest and makes Portland, Oregon his home.  Grand Master Bruce Terrill trained under Bruce Lee and opened his school in Portland the same day Bruce Lee opened his school in Oakland, CA.  Wu Ying Tao is a system of Martial Arts which takes skills that best reflect and demonstrate principles such as ranging, timing, targeting, focusing, cause/effect, and many more and unite them in an effective martial arts structure.     

     These principles can then be used with whatever style the student wishes, whether "hard" or "soft." The resulting application combines mastery of any given form, with superior understanding of underlying principles. Thus, the traditional limitations and incompatibilities of "hard" vs. "soft" styles no longer apply.  The Wu Ying Tao system takes "hard" & "soft" styles and adapts them to each individual, since each person has different needs and goals that they wish to achieve.  

     Wu Ying Tao can translate formless way, or invisible way. Our system of Martial Arts combines the use of 4 different ranges with 4 different levels and uses these concepts in conjunction with distance and direction of force. The understanding of these general concepts, will give each student an advantage over many "form" based systems as well as persons with no prior Martial Arts training.   Sensei Herb Blue trained and received his Black Belt under Sensei Dave Hovis, who earned his Black Belt under Sifu Doug Zeal and Sifu Randy Zank.  Sensei Blue believes in positive reinforcement to achieve training goals. 


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Instructors: Sensei Betsy, Sensei Blue, Sensei Aaron

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