The Art of sword testing

5 cuts of the blade


Begin with Position 1 and sword overhead.  Finish cut in position 2.


Begin with Position 4 and finish cut with blade in line as a side cut.


Begin with position 4 and downward cut to position 3.


Thrust forward, position 6.


Begin with Position 3.  Finish cut in position 4 as an upward cut.

Happo No Kame

12 Positions of the Blade 

  1. R Foot Forward  (Overhead)

  2. Bring Sword Tip towards ground to ( tip pointing down straight in front)

  3. Step Back R Foot – (Blade downward to right side)

  4. Raise sword ( Right Shoulder Right Side Position)

  5. Bring Blade back (Overhead) without stepping

  6. R Foot Step Forward - (Blade goes down to middle straight out from chest)

  7. Step forward L Foot -( overhead) 

  8. Step Back L leg –  (tip is down towards ground -straight in front) 

  9. Shift to L stance and tip of blade-(Blade downward to L side) 

  10. Raise sword to ( L shoulder Left Side Position)

  11. Shift back to walking stance bring sword  (overhead)

  12. Lower sword to (middle position)


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