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Herb Blue's Total Self Defense, in Green Bay, WI was founded in 2012.  Sensei Blue chose a positive place for students to train and grow on their journey in the martial arts and in their lives as well.

The different styles that are taught at Total Self Defense are reality based.  Each style builds on a strong foundation to allow you to act effectively in any given situation. 

Respect and trust builds confidence.  We are a modern school, yet stress traditional respect to everybody in and out of the school.  It is our belief, every student could be a Black Belt.  A Black Belt stays on their goal by being a better person than they were before.


Owners - Instructors

at Total Self Defense

Sensei Herb Blue has accomplished many things over his many years on the planet.  What he is most proud of is not the belts or the awards, but the students that have achieved a Black Belt.  Sensei Blue is about action and a man of few words, those words are used to empower his students.  Each student has grown as an individual, working on their goals and making themselves a success.  It all happens with Sensei Blue's positive leadership.

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Sensei Blue
  • Modern Arnis, Black Belt 2nd degree

  • Wu Ying Tao, Black Belt 2nd degree

  • Wado Kai, Black Belt 3rd degree

  • Tae Kwon Do, Black Belt 1st degree

Sensei Betsy

Sensei Betsy Rawlins 

As a Registered Nurse, Sensei Rawlins prides herself on giving the best care possible to those in need.  She caries this dedication when she worked as an Adjuct Instructor at NWTC, where she empowers new nurses to embrace that same level of dedication and exceptionalism. Guro Rawlins Has been studying Martial Arts since 1998 and has enjoyed the opportunity to work with great people throughout Northeastern Wisconsin.


After nursing, Family, and a Martial Arts studio, she likes to take a little time off to test the limits of her endurance.  With over a dozen competitive races (including the Door County Half Ironman) under her black belt, Sensei Rawlins is a person always on the go.  


"I believe in TSD because it's a wonderful place where a person has the opportunity to empower themselves, to create a vision to strive for and to achieve the result they want" - Sensei Rawlins

  • Modern Arnis, Black Belt

  • Wu Ying Tao, Black Belt

  • Arnis Jitsu, Black Belt

  • Tae Kwon Do, Black Belt

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Sensei Aaron
  • Modern Arnis, Black Belt

  • Wu Ying Tao, Black Belt

  • Arnis Jitsu, Black Belt

Sensei Aaron Maternowski

At 6 foot 5 inches and 325 pounds, Sensei Aaron as he likes to be called, can seem like an intimidating figure.  Those at the school know he is committed to helping students achieve their goals.  In facing his fears and challenges he is an excellent example for those in the school and the community.  

Sensei Jim
  • Modern Arnis, Black Belt

  • Wu Ying Tao, Black Belt

  • Arnis Jitsu, Black Belt

Sensei Jim Doperalski

Sensei Jim is a lifelong learner.  He enjoys teaching and training.  Most of all he likes to see the growth in his students when the "light bulb turns on" for them.  He is very involved with our online classes and Arnis classes.



Self Defense is knowledge, empowerment, and confidence with the ability to use all the information under stress to help you survive a life-threatening situation.


Our workshops share effective real-life skills that focus on avoiding and deterring an assailant. Practicing develops instinctive habits to help protect yourself in any situation – in private, at the workplace, or in social settings.


The empowerment of knowing how to defend yourself extends far beyond the workshop itself. Confidence and personal accountability are necessary skills for self-defense that also enable you to be more effective in your personal and professional lives.

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Best Defense for kids

Does your child know how to respond in an unsafe situation?

Has you child practiced the skills necessary?


As a parent, are you confident that your child will know what to do, even when you aren’t there?


Our program helps prepare your child to avoid or deter a possible confrontation or worse.  Using their new found knowledge your child can actively participate in their own safety.  No one wants to consider that their child could be targeted by a predator. Our self-defense course can help ease your mind and ensure that your child is prepared – just in case.


Best Defense for Kids offers both group classes and private classes for children ages 5 and up! Our classes are designed to empower young people to be smart, to be prepared, and, ultimately, to stay safe.

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School Talks

Our instructors strive to have a great student in school to student in martial arts relationship.  We will send and instructor to discuss the  values of martial arts and how they pertain to your classroom.   Contact Us to Get Started Now

Classroom Topics:

  • ABC's of Conflict Avoidance - Teaches the strategies to avoid potentially dangerous situations, being calm, communicating with confidence, and get away

  • 5 Rules of Personal Safety - Create safe habits, use your brain to be aware, how to talk to a bully, explaining what happened to an adult in charge

  • Good Habits - Practical ways to develop self-discipline, responsibility and focus.  Always taking responsibility for your actions and wherever you there

  • Qualities of a Black Belt - Top ten things that colleges and employers are looking for are all attributes of a Black Belt

  • Self-Defense Skills - How to get away and be safe, three steps to self defense and what to do after an altercation

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Life is full of unexpected moments; we’re here to make sure you’re prepared for any of them. 


We can bring the knowledge, confidence and empowerment of self-defense to your facility! Our workshops can be scaled to fit any size facility.


Choose your location:

  • Our School

  • Your Facility

Contact Us today to schedule your workshop, our calendar fills quickly.  Management and staff will build skills and real-world knowledge to help survive in any situation.  The skills translate to your workplace as more efficient, motivated employees for the success of your business.