Youth Academy

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Setup an appointment to set your goals for your first month.  What do you want to achieve in your training?

YOU decide where your child fits best.  Youth Academy is designed for kids that  excel, they give 100% and are looking for a challenge.

Total Self Defense offers

  •  Family Facility at 2737 North Packerland Drive( West Side).  Kids 4 and up can try out martial arts and see if it's right for them.  Our Family Facility offers a 4 Week Starter Membership.  Get started today!

  • Youth Academy at 2512 Steffens Ct (East Side) Youth 7 and up can try our martial arts and si if it's right for them.  We offer a 4 week Starter Membership.  Get Started today!

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  Youth academy offers classes for those that give 100%.  Each age group is taught and empowered differently based on their developmental level.  

     Mini Warriors - 4 to 8 years old

     Young Dragons - 9 to 12 years old

     Teens - 13 to 17 years old

  This is a positive environment to encourage the growth of our family.  Each student has committed to training to be a better person. Each student is on their own journey and we will support them throughout that journey.

  Those that join are family are lifelong learners.  This is a family that you get to choose.  With that choice comes great responsibility.

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Sensei Betsy and Sensei Blue