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Now Accepting Enrollment Applications for 2020-2021 School Year

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Why should I trust you with my child?

Total Self Defense has been in Green Bay the last 7 years and has been working with after school programs for the past 4 years, including the Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay and the YMCA After School Program.  We have instructors that teach in a positive atmosphere to cultivate growth though change.

Why should I choose this activity?

Our after school program focuses not only on academic, but the mind, body and spirit (will of a person).  Our instructors and mentors work to find the way the child learns to best help them develop their skills for learning.  Our style of martial arts is Wu Ying Tao - it means "no form way."  This means there is no one way to do something, and it is up to each of us to figure out how we learn to teach ourselves.

Does my child earn belt just like regular classes?

Yes and no.  Your child will earn a white belt after 10 classes.  this is a longer period of time than in our traditional classes held in the evening because there is more to the after school program than strictly martial arts curriculum.  Yes, they will earn a belt, just at a different rate than a traditional martial arts student.

What types of activities will my child be doing?

Students will be doing multiple activities, from working on strength and conditioning, home work, learning games, assessment games, strategy games, martial arts skills and drills, martial arts games, reading, writing, and arithmetic all used in martial arts.

Pickup fron school Included




goal setting

problem solving

With so many After-School Programs and Activities to choose from, picking the one that’s best for your child can be a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  Our “Difference Makers” eliminate the guesswork and make choosing the best after-school program for you, your children and your family a slam dunk! Give it a try, You Won’t be Disappointed!  Checkout our complete list of Difference Makers listed below.

Baseball, basketball and soccer are all great after-school activities, but they can’t compete with the features and benefits that our After-School Martial Arts Program offers parents and their children.

Our After-School Martial Arts Program Includes the Following Features & More…

  • Complimentary After-School Pick-up by Safe Drivers

  • Safe, Secure & Expansive Child-Friendly Modern Facility

  • Safe, Structured & Fun Martial Arts Drills

  • Specialty Instructors Specially Trained to Work with & Teach Children

  • Supportive, Positive Family Environment

  • Adult Supervision

Our After-School Martial Arts Program Provides Parents & their Children with the Following Benefits:

Child Benefits:
Focus in school for:

  • Better grades

  • Better understanding of skills

  • Better chance of Success in the future

  • Respectful behavior

  • Focused and Positive Energy release

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