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arnis jitsu

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As an Arnis Jitsu practitioner, you will have the opportunity to learn about a number of different components that are used within the Martial Arts, including striking, locking, grappling, throwing, and weapons defense.


The instructors of this style will base your activity around your personal level of fitness and athletic ability. These are some of the types of skills you’ll be learning:


Learning to fall to the ground is one of the first skill you’ll learn. Arnis Jitsu is a physical Martial Art and it involves falling to the ground, being thrown and throwing others.


Throwing Skills

Arnis Jitsu often involves using the force that is applied against you. One way to do that is by taking the balance of one’s opponent and redirecting it, usually toward the ground. This can be as simple as simply pushing someone in a direction they’re not expecting, or can involve more complex movements, such as dropping one’s own body weight below that of the attacker.

Locking Skills

Arm and wrist-locks can be incredibly powerful tools for self-defense. Arnis Jitsu practitioners use locking techniques as a way to restrain opponents, as a way to move them and as a way to apply pain when necessary. Beginners are exposed to a few different locks that involve both stand-up and ground-fighting scenarios.


In addition to stand-up skills, Arnis Jitsu practitioners learn a variety of hold-downs and skills for use on the ground.

Randori (Free-Style Practice)

Beginner students will spend their time learning skills that allow them to train safely. Alongside that knowledge comes an understanding of how skill functions and why they’re effective. After one is comfortable with those concepts, the real challenge of learning Arnis Jitsu comes. Randori, which is the Japanese word for “free-style practice” is used in Arnis Jitsu to test abilities under pressure, practice against a “live” opponent and also, have a lot of fun.

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