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leaders in training

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.  Simon Sinek

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After applying to the program students will begin to learn how to lead themselves.  They will work towards being able to be leaders inside the dojo as well as outside.  When students achieve a set of requirements, they will move to the next level of training.

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TSD Team

The first set of requirements helps students to understand how to help themselves become better.  The next set of requirements helps students learn how to help others and identify situations that need to be addressed.

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In this level students learn how to identify an issue and utilize the help of others to make the situation better.  Each step in the process is getting the student closer to inspiring the best in others.

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team Leader-Instructor path

A team leader knows when to intervene and when to help.  This step in the training focuses on the individual and setting goals.

 The lead will focus on tasks to grow and maintain a school.

Lead -Program
Director Path

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Lead Instructor

This student is in a class by themselves.  Their confidence and knowledge will allow them to run the dojo on the mat.

Assistant Manager - Program Director Path

This level of achievement will be able to run programs for the school as well as train others to help.

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