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Mini Warrior (4 to 8)

Youth (9 to 17)
Mini Warrior

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In martial arts training we learn that in helping others we help solidify our own knowledge.

Martial arts training is about learning how to live your life and stay safe.

Remember to pass on the punch to someone you care about


Are you looking for an activity that has mental, physical, social, and emotional benefits?

Students at Total Self Defense become part of our martial arts family.  There is no judgement, just encouragement to do better every day.  Students learn to speak positively to encourage healthy mental growth.  Students are active in classes; we ask that they increase their intensity as they get stronger and more flexible. Our students are expected to greet each other and encourage each other.  As students learn skills, they become more confident.  With confidence comes the ability to control their thoughts and emotions to benefit their own wellbeing.

Are you ready to commit to 2 days per week?

Our students are committed to their success and the success of their fellow warriors.  Success doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time; trials and errors, learning and failing to become a success.

Are you ready to partner with us for the best experience?

Skills and values need constant reinforcement.  We help reinforce the same great values you show and teach at home.  Respect, discipline, self-control are all values that are learned from mimicking what students see in their everyday life.  Partnership means communicating and patience.  Skills and values take time to develop.  This process takes the support of the whole family.

Are you READY to train at Total Self Defense to SUCCEED?

If the answers to these questions are: YES!  Then you are ready to enroll and start improving today.  A Black Belt Mindset is, “I can improve every day.” A small improvement every day pays off in the long run.  Complete the form above and get started.

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