Improve Every Day

Today’s world asks more and more of our children and youth. They must compete with a million distractions and still stay focused. How on earth can they do it? Sensei works with kids to be excited about their learning both inside and outside the dojo.

“I want them to be smart and then fast.” When kids know that they can do something then they can do it fast. First it is important to build the foundation, the knowing they can do something, then comes the speed at which they can do it. Sensei explains it to the kids like this:

I don’t want you to be so fast you run away off a cliff, I want you to be smart

first, know where you are going, then get there fast.

The skills kids learn when working with Sensei Blue are life skills. It’s about creating a goal, and finding a way to that goal. It’s about discipline to stay on that goal, focus is easily distracted, even in the dojo there are multiple activities going on, some more “fun” than others, just like life. They are there to teach the kids the values of staying on their goal.

The most important life skill kids learn in the dojo is self-control. “There is only one person you can control, yourself.” Sensei encourages kids to take control of what they can, their bodies, their mind, and their emotions. By being able to recognize how they feel, they can learn to feel it before it becomes a problem and calm themselves down. Sensei Blue uses a breathing technique to help the kids find peace, to make the best decisions.