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Learning to be a leader 

- Sensei Betsy

How do leaders develop? How do they do it? How are they so confident in every decision and right so much of the time?

They have lived through, failure and were willing to learn from experience.

Everyone has a different way of learning, experiencing and adapting to situations. When we find the way to teach ourselves life becomes that much easier. When I have an environment that supports growth, I have an opportunity to grow.

At Total Self Defense we focus on providing a safe environment to fail. Even when I make a mistake and get scored on, it's a learning lesson; not unconciousness, like it would be if I learned that same lesson on the street.

The positive environment keeps me coming back. There is plenty of negative in the world, I choose to step away from that. I go towards people that want to help me succeed and in turn I help them succeed.

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