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mini white belt

04 junior white belt.png

How to tie your Belt

Your instructors and Leadership Team will help you learn to tie your belt until you become a Blue Belt.

1. Pin the tail of your belt on your left side with the tail pointing towards the back and the remaining belt towards the front.

2.  Wrap the belt around twice, going to the right around yourself.  When the belt wraps the first time you can let go of the tail.

3. Tuck the belt under all the belts.

4.  Pull the tail that is under all the belts out and measure to have the same length.

5.  Turn the bottom belt, and place the top belt over the bottom belt. (this makes the breast cancer symbol)

6.  Take the top belt through the hole and tighten. (you should end up with a pac man) 

05 white going orange stripe.png

At Total Self Defense we practice "finding the good"  Encourage your warriors by what you see them doing right.

06 white orange going for white blue.png

Training for young and old can be difficult at times.  There are times when walking through the door can be the biggest challenge.  Please help our warriors stay on their goal by helping them get to the dojo, even on those days that might be difficult.

07 white blue going white purple.png

Some concepts your warrior may catch on to easily, other, may take time.  When you are leaving class, ask our warrior:

What did you like learning today?


What did you have fun learning today?

08 white purple going first degree white.png

Throughout the program our warrior will be encouraged to utilize their voice.  Being comfortable and confident with speaking is one of the traits of a Black Belt we want all of our warriors to achieve.

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