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Build Confidence
through martial arts

Total self defense is more than martial arts

We offer something for everyone, young and old.  Physical and mental stimulation, respect, honor, encouragement, confidence, fighting skills, coping skills, and other life skills.  We are here for the whole family!

our values

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Students discover what it's like to follow a good leader.  They then use that learning to become the best leader of themselves.



Confidence is know what to do with the knowledge you have.  Students learn confidence in their physical , problem solving and communication skills.

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Consistency plus effort is the discipline that students learn every class.  They can use what they learn to help them in school, family and work life.



In a time when distractions are everywhere, focus is an incredible skill to learn.  It's not only for the young, adults can learn how to better focus through training.

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Mental Resilience

Grit, toughness and mental resilience are what get you through the tough times and find a solution for our students to be successful.



It's not only about having the knowledge, it's about being able to use it effectively and share it to help others.

Our Styles

Martial arts is an umbrella term, encompassing striking styles, weapons styles and grappling styles.  At Total Self Defense you can find the style that fits what you are looking to accomplish.

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Wu Ying Tao - Striking

A blend of Kung-Fu and Karate

Mini, Youth & Adult
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Modern Arnis - Weapons

A Filipino Art training with rattan sticks and blades

Youth & Adult
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Arnis Jitsu - Grappling

A blend of Modern Arnis and Ju Jitsu


our families say


"I was so proud to be part of the TSD family at the tournament! The level of respect each student showed to the judges and opponents was by far my favorite part. Everyone bowed when they needed to, used respect of yes sir and sat like a black belt on the sides. Anyone can teach someone how to punch and kick but Betsy Rawlins and Herb Blue teach so much more than that at Total Self Defense! Thank you for helping all of us raise confident and respectful warriors!"

Dawn Crilly, mom

Our Team.

This group of instructors has been training together for over 10 years.  They are compassionate and are here to help you grow


Sensei Blue

Head Instructor

Wu Ying Tao, Modern Arnis, Arnis Jitsu


Sensei Betsy

Manager and Lead Instructor

Wu Ying Tao, Modern Arnis, Arnis Jitsu

aaron profile_edited.png

Sensei Aaron


Wu Ying Tao, Modern Arnis, Arnis Jitsu, Sword


A professional martial arts school is within your reach.  Upfront pricing for our future families and students.  All pricing is for a single style.  If you are interested in more that one style please talk with an instructor.

2 Week Trial - $50

Get started with a 2 week trial.  This includes everything you need for your first 2 weeks of learning.  Earn your White Belt!


  • Martial Arts Uniform

  • Mouth Guard

  • Gloves

Monthly -  $199/month

Month to month billing for a single style.  



  • Unlimited training in chosen style

Annually - $1500/year

Yearly billing for a single style of martial arts. Over a $300 savings!


  • Unlimited training in chosen style

  • Gear Bag

  • Martial Arts Uniform

  • Protective Gear - gloves, shins, kicks

Not sure about
martial arts?

Try a free class and learn the basics

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